Watertown Ford Chrysler Accessories

Accessories Available at Watertown Ford Chrysler in Watertown, South Dakota.  Searching for your look?  Something to set you apart from everyone else?  We have the parts & accessories you are looking for, for your auto.  Contact us today!

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Description: Showroom Accessories.

Accessory Vehicles - [New]

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Description: Watertown Ford Accessory Department can order and install aftermarket parts for your vehicle! Here are just a few that we have done!

AstroStart - [New]

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Description: The perfect solution for nature's hottest and coldest months. With AstroStart you can warm up your vehicle in the winter or cool it down in the summer.

We have four different models of AstroStart's that can fit your need and budget. We also have trained service technicians that can install them.

Hats and Shirts - [New]

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Heated Seats - [New]

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Description: Rapid heat up time. Seat and back warmers. 3-Year Warranty


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Description: Tow Tector is the ultimate protection system. It helps keep your boat, camper, trailer, ect., protected from dirt and rock chips.